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Sept 2007



Cory is a handsome Leonberger who I inherited from my mother in 2005.
As a responsible dog owner I have kept him thin, he is groomed regularly
(much to his chagrin), he takes cosequin for arthritis and has regular veterinary care. Before coming to Gone with the Dogs Cory was often despondent.

I figured he missed being my Mom's companion.
He would venture only to the edge of the porch before wanting to return inside.
After a few months of underwater treadmill sessions, massage and laser treatments there have been dramatic improvements in Cory's well-being.

He can lift his leg to go to the bathroom and he can leap up to put his two front feet on a counter--these things make him very proud.

Cory no longer drags a back foot or two when he's tired and he will run the fence perimeter of the yard. He is happy to visit Laurie and treasures his time at the facility.

Cory is years past the normal life expectancy of a Leonberger and Gone to the Dogs plays a vital role in maintaining his physical and mental health.
Elaine Olson, Kenai


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