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Sept 2007


September 2007

In September, Joanne Lang MCMT came to Alaska and Gone To The Dogs for the first time. She brought her expertise and lost her luggage. Lucky for us, she carried on her seminar materials.

Participants included agility handlers, mushers and pet owners. Her class, although geared toward athletic dogs, was applicable to all of our best friends.

The seminar included assessment of each dog’s structure (with focus on the front end) as well as beginning core exercises to condition them for the activities they participate in. Owners also learned basic massage techniques to help them address any problem areas as well as a bonding technique. Some of the dogs really got into this.

Joanne has a wealth of experience with and an excellent eye for quadrupeds. Her methods for training dogs to move from the rear were reinforced with videos, observation and exercises. Participants left the seminar understanding why they were doing the exercises they were taught as well as with a new appreciation for paying attention to their dog’s body language. Conditioning for sport instead of using sport for conditioning was the mantra of the weekend.

Participants said that they appreciated the “hands on” approach.

Although the weekend was long and packed with information,
A good time was had by all. “I really enjoyed this class. I know that the techniques will help my athletes perform their job more safely and comfortably. I will be able to take the information back to all of my dogs”

“We should’ve had a slumber party...when are you coming back for Part II?”

“I will definitely use the exercises and warm-ups especially”

Joanne only got a taste of Alaska but she is hungry for more. She will be returning in February/March for Part II and the start of the Iditarod!

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